Red Light District Amsterdam

Red Light District Amsterdam

All people who want to transgress and go to Amsterdam to do it, all the tourists who wish to visit one of the most famous districts of the city, and many young people visit the red light district of Amsterdam every day, the beating heart of the transgression in the capital Dutch.
The neighborhood is a veritable maze of internal streets, narrow in two canal streets and few side alleys. Despite its small size, this district is full of sex clubs, girls in red curtain windows ready to have sex with every client who can pay for their price, cannabis memorabilia, bars, coffee shops, delinquency, but also art, churches, and history.
In short, the red light district is not just concentrated on drugs and transgression, but one of the most beautiful areas in Amsterdam.
In this article, you will discover the secrets of the Amsterdam red light district, its story, and the rules to follow to enjoy the experience of the transgression of the area better.

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History of Red Light District

Some documents certify the existence of a red light district (without this name, which was started to be used in 1800) already in the 14th century near the harbor. The population was mainly immigrants and women had prostitution with workers, soldiers, and sailors as their only source of income.
History of red light district Amsterdam
Legend has it that prostitutes used lamps covered with a red or scarlet cloth to attract the attention of fishermen and sailors. Other (more recent) versions claim that the red lights were the lanterns hung by railway workers outside the brothels.
However, the red lights have become the symbol of paid sex universally. In Dutch, the district is called “De Wallen,” which literally means “The walls,” because some of the canals in the area are walled up. Other sources claim that “Wall” was a secret code that meant “paid sex” for people who wanted privacy.

Prostitution in Red Light District

Prostitution is the center of the red light district of Amsterdam. The city and the whole of Holland is a very open and tolerant society, which allows prostitution, the use of soft drugs and which considers pornography as a standard film genre, with a very famous Sex Museum.
Prostitution in Red Light District
Today prostitution in the Netherlands is legal, but only if practiced in clubs, with escort agencies or in the red-light districts of cities. Amsterdam has three different red light districts, but the most famous, the one that is always identified as “Red Light District” is the one in the city center, which has about 300 girls working every day, non-stop.
Prostitutes can do the work legally and pay taxes to the State, which considers them like freelancers. Girls are entitled to health care, retirement plans, and are continuously monitored by a doctor. A very different situation from other countries, such as Italy. The only other country that tolerates prostitution in this way in Europe is the Czech Republic.
The red light district is a relatively safe neighborhood, with lots of police and security guards, and pimps protecting girls. However, try not to attract too much attention to jewelry and precious items, and try never to be alone. Always keep your hands in your pockets when you walk to protect your wallet and mobile phone or protect your bag from pickpockets.

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