Zha Gong always cries for me.

Video content, is Luo yuanqing and Lan Xu in the couple’s French restaurant, the two are discussing music throughout, from time to time playing some melodies with the piano app, and this melody combination is the song “First Encounter”. From the video, we can easily see how “First Encounter” has changed from one or two melodies to a complete song. At the end of the video, Luo yuanqing and Lan Xu also discussed the lyrics of the song. This video can at least prove that Luo yuanqing and Lan Xu had already created before Yin Mi’s song, so the video was sent out, and the micro-blog and forum exploded again. Comments on the wind has changed a lot, many people have believed Luo yuanqing and Lan Xu, but most of Yin Mi’s fans, still firmly stand on the side of Yin Mi, their own brain filled a “Luo yuanqing first stole Yin Mi’s music score, and then deliberately joined Lan Xu to record a video to frame Yin Mi” drama. Yin Mi has so many black spots on her body, but she has not been completely benefited from the label of “music genius”. If he breaks up, it will have a great impact. And he is the biggest cash cow of Times Entertainment. Times Entertainment wants to keep him and can’t let him collapse. Times Entertainment saw many contacts with Lanxu, Lanxu arrogantly said that there was nothing to talk about, so Times Entertainment gave up, knowing that they could not reach an agreement,heavy duty cantilever racks, and finally gave up the possibility of a peaceful settlement. They held an emergency meeting again, and after a long discussion, they could only come up with a bad idea-shameless. After all, the video sent by Lan Xu is very hard evidence, and they have nothing on their hands. Therefore, it is impossible to initiate a lawsuit on their own initiative, and the only thing they can do is to refuse to admit it. If Lan Xu files a lawsuit,drive in racking system, he must cooperate hypocritically and actively, but it is absolutely impossible to admit that Yin Mi is a ghostwriter. Yin Mi has so many brain-damaged fans, as long as he does not voluntarily admit that his songs are stolen from Luo yuanqing, fans will be brainless to trust him. And the support of these fans is the reason why Yin Mi continues to stay in the circle. This is already the best way that Times Entertainment can think of to keep Yin Mi’s character setting, but after listening to Yin Mi, he immediately raised objections. The broker said to Yin anxiously, “But now we have no better way. We can only do this!” Yin Mi frowned tightly and said, “I would like to clarify all this and tell my fans sincerely that this song was written by yuan Qing.”. Whether he asks for an apology or compensation, he should. “How can you say such a naive thing?” Brokers couldn’t believe it and exclaimed, “It’s normal to buy songs, ghostwrite and so on. Are there fewer such things in the circle?”? Do you see anyone admitting it? It’s not a big deal at all. There are many artists who have more black spots than you. Do you think they admit it? But if there are one or two people who take things too hard to admit, the result is that they are always ridiculed! He refused to admit it and had the cheek to continue to mix in the circle. How did you even think to admit it? Are you crazy? Yin Mi naturally also knows these reasons, if is before him, push back racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, does not need the broker to say to him at all, he will not admit. But now is not the same, he is still fantasizing that Luo yuanqing can come back. And when I think of Luo yuanqing, I feel that my heart is being pulled. Yin Mi frowned and said in a deep voice, “But..” These songs were originally written by yuan Qing. The agent did not understand the meaning of Yin Mi’s words. He thought that Yin Mi was worried that no one would write songs in the future. He said hurriedly, “You don’t have to worry about this. Even without Luo yuanqing, you can still write by yourself, and there are many people who want to write for you.”. You have been on the stage for so many years and have so many masterpieces. You are already a symbol. As long as the symbol is still there, it doesn’t matter who wrote the song. “How can it not be important?” Yin Mi stubbornly said, “No one can write a better song than yuan Qing.” Brokers are almost impatient, but also endure to continue to persuade: “It’s all right, you are so red, as long as the level does not decline too much, you can still stand on the front line.”.
” Yin Mi was silent for a long time and said disappointedly, “But what will yuan Qing think of me?” The broker was so surprised that he took a step back and looked at Yin Mi with very strange eyes. After a while, he said, “Ah Mi, you didn’t tell me that you had feelings with Luo yuanqing until this time, did you?”? Didn’t you always say you were just taking care of him? Yin Mi did not answer and turned his head sideways to avoid the broker’s eyes. The broker took a deep breath and said, “No matter what you think, you just need to realize that there is no other way for us to make this choice for the benefit of the company.”. It doesn’t matter if you work alone, but you are an artist of our company, and your interests are also the interests of the company. How can the company let you act foolishly by your temper? Listen to my words, don’t be capricious, I will talk to you well, but Wen Zong is not sure about them. After saying this, the broker no longer cares about Yin Mi, and continues to discuss the next countermeasures with the company’s top management and lawyers. Yin Mi’s face was gloomy, and he lowered his head and said nothing more. He also knows that no matter what he says now, it is useless to say that he is a popular singer in the entertainment circle, but in the face of real capital power, he has no voice at all. No matter how much he felt sorry for Luo yuanqing, he could not control the company’s decision. So, after the meeting, Times Entertainment issued a statement on the matter through its official micro-blog, claiming that the song “First Encounter” had lost its music score in the early stage of its creation, and reserved the right to sue the thieves. The broker temporarily took over Yin Mi’s Weibo and forwarded the statement of Times Entertainment. This statement answered the blind guess of Yin Mi’s fans, shamelessly reversed black and white, put Yin Mi in the position of the victim, and slandered Luo yuanqing as a thief. After the statement was published, Yin Mi’s fans immediately swaggered again, taking the statement without any evidence as an imperial edict and continuing to abuse Lan Xu’s micro-blog. Of course,shuttle rack system, the fans of Lan Xu and Luo yuanqing were not to be outdone, and they quarreled bitterly, and the Weibo server could hardly bear it. It was not until the matter reached such a large extent that Lan Xu showed Luo yuanqing the statement of Times Entertainment. Luo yuanqing couldn’t help boasting to 999: “Lan Xu is really a chicken thief.” 999: “What’s the matter?” 。 jracking.com

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