City God King Nurture System _ 202002 15155742

So recently his position in the hotel has risen sharply. Although he hasn't officially graduated yet, his father has made him a manager of the Department of Purchasing department, it seems that these three words have a lot of power, Continue reading

Zha Gong always cries for me.

Video content, is Luo yuanqing and Lan Xu in the couple's French restaurant, the two are discussing music throughout, from time to time playing some melodies with the piano app, and this melody combination is the song "First Encounter". From the Continue reading

Criminal police in the entertainment circle

Min Xue saw the driver's face when he got on the bus, but it wasn't any of the three kidnappers! There are other people in this gang! Of course, the police assumed this possibility, but they didn't think it really happened. But Min Xue felt that the Continue reading

Enigmatic Country _ World Overlord Singing

Sima Hui remembered that there was once a female soldier in the Burmese Communist People's Army who was familiar with Ah Chui. She was about the same age as Yu Feiyan, and her appearance was somewhat similar in spirit. Her background was the same as Continue reading

My Sweetheart Spoiled Me [Childhood Sweetheart, Present Words, Sweet Pet]

He came hard, Yu Yue also refused to give in: "That's what you mean, I hate you..." Yu Yue finished, turned and ran out. She ran forward regardless, and when she reached a certain distance, she stopped to look back and found that the boat had not Continue reading

Kill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel Heaven

"Although I am the head of the Black Wing Clan and the White Wing Clan, I can't control the situation now. The clansmen below, after noticing the changes in their bodies, have regarded them as their fellow clansmen. Under their indoctrination, they Continue reading

Zombie upgrade system of the end of the world

The green packaging shows that this is the base's own product, and the bottle is not big, about the same size as the canned coconut juice. The bottle cap was unscrewed, and a fragrant and attractive smell emanated from the bottle. What is this Guo Continue reading

Bruises by Madman Three Three

Mu Zhen stood in the middle of the living room with several young men in uniform. When Gu Anning and Shao Ting went downstairs, he raised his heroic eyebrows and eyes. First he looked at Gu Anning, and then his eyes were glued to Shao Ting's face. Continue reading

Killer also crosses the series of cloud without trace.

It's not that she doesn't believe Tuo Ba Yi's words, but that such a place is really not like the queen's residence. Actually, I was wrong. But Tuo Ba Yi laughed out loud: "There are not two empresses inside, but an empress Dowager, a deposed empress Continue reading

Chen Qingyun died in the city

Zhang Dingshan's face was pale and his whole body trembled. What kind of skill is this? It can kill three peerless players in one fell swoop. This is not like skill, because it has exceeded the limit of general martial arts. However, the facts are in Continue reading

Reborn marriage pet army wife

But with the increase of the month, the change of her body is more and more obvious. She used to be able to March for a day without rest, but now she is panting when she walks around downstairs. She can't stand for a long time, and her legs will be Continue reading