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So recently his position in the hotel has risen sharply. Although he hasn’t officially graduated yet, his father has made him a manager of the Department of Purchasing department, it seems that these three words have a lot of power, but in fact, he usually has nothing to do, after all, like Ice City International, which is about to be upgraded to a five-star hotel, basically his suppliers are fixed. And the quality inspection department is also very strict, basically it is impossible to appear shoddy phenomenon, and he does not need to watch all day long. What he has to do every day is to sign the receipt. It can be said that the only thing he needs to do is to be responsible for the problem of Zhou Ling’s animal meat. Hey hey, eldest brother you this words see outside, this is not recently this is away from the animal meat to sell, so I think we sign a regular point of the contract! Listening to Zhou Ling’s words on the other side of the phone, the fat man could not help laughing. I am not short of money now, originally thought to wait for the end of this month, do not sell it, did not expect your boy to start very quickly ah! Well, come to my house later! Hearing the fat man’s words, Zhou Ling could not help laughing. Then he put the phone away and walked in the direction of his home, and Zhou Ling was thinking as he walked. In fact, to tell the truth, Zhou Ling does not want to sell animal meat now, after all, now he is also a rich man. Rich, do not need to sell those things to live, he does not want to be like himself, and then create a few Hercules, but recently Zhou Ling found that it is not easy to become a Hercules, first of all, that is to eat this kind of animal meat all day long, and the amount is large, this day one catty or two catties is not effective, at least more than ten catties a day. Moreover, the strength of the increase is also limited. It does not mean an endless increase. Maybe the limit of this thing is about 400 catties. Now Zhou Ling’s strength has almost increased to this limit, so now he basically eats a day from the animal meat, that is, up about a catty of strength,heavy duty metal racks, it is estimated that in the near future, it is estimated that even a catty can not rise, some people say that this is also a lot, but with the first time Zhou Ling ate this thing, at that time the strength has doubled ah! After studying these thoroughly, Zhou Ling did not mind letting the other party sell, after all, this is also a way to make money. Although Zhou Ling now has tens of millions of assets, nearly one hundred million, but maybe what will happen to him in the future. It’s better to leave more money than to have no place to do it when you really need money. Thinking of this, Zhou Ling decided to sell the beast, but the price is naturally to be raised, 1500 yuan for a catty of beast meat, 3000 yuan for a bone, which seems to be not enough for Zhou Ling, after all, this beast, Zhou Ling sells 30000 yuan, and the other side’s banquet will sell nearly 190000 yuan, industrial racking systems ,mobile racking systems, Zhou Ling’s price is also time to mention. Otherwise, all the profits will be earned by Ice City International. It is estimated that the fat man also mentioned this matter to Zhou Ling when he came back. If really because they earn too much, let Zhou Ling uncomfortable, and then directly out of stock, to sell to others, then their family can be a heavy loss, this Zhao Xuansheng, now the most important thing is to stabilize Zhou Ling, and then negotiate a good contract. One stop was not far away, and Zhou Ling had already walked there in about five minutes, but it was Zhou Ling who stopped downstairs, because there was a mini-truck parked downstairs, and the mini-truck was full of furniture and other things. Now some workers are carrying these things down beside the car, and then carrying them to the building where Zhou Ling is. Did someone move? This hole inside the situation, Zhou Ling is more understanding, have not heard of who moved away ah! Just when Zhou Ling was surprised, she found that Aunt Liu had come out with a woman in her thirties.
This woman, although more than thirty years old, but still quite beautiful, melon seed face, long hair, coiled in the back of the head, slender eyebrows, big eyes, tall nose, curved mouth, is indeed a true beauty, if not because this woman is now plain face, and the clothes she wears are not very good, dress up to say that people in their twenties believe that. At this time, the woman was talking to Aunt Liu, with a smile on her face, which made people feel very friendly. Hey, Xiao Zhou is back! The sharp-eyed Aunt Liu over there saw Zhou Ling in the distance for the first time and waved at Zhou Ling. Oh, Aunt Liu! Seeing Aunt Liu greeting herself, Zhou Ling went over and nodded with a smile. Come on, let me introduce you. This is the new tenant who rented the house in the middle. Her name is Jiang Rou. You can help her more in the future. Just call her Sister Rou! Xiao Rou, this young man is Xiao Zhou, who I told you about renting my other house. Zhou Ling is very nice. If you have anything, just tell him. Aunt Liu watched Zhou Ling come over, took Jiang Rou’s hand over there, and began to introduce her. Hearing Aunt Liu’s introduction, Jiang Rou spoke first. Hello, I will be a neighbor in the future, please! Looking at the beautiful woman in front of this delicate appearance, Zhou Ling’s legs are almost soft, worthy of being called soft, this voice is really sweet to sticky teeth ah! “No trouble, no trouble!” Hearing the other side’s words, Zhou Ling could only wave his hand immediately and say a few polite words. Hey, brother Zhou! Just as Zhou Ling was about to say a few more words to this beautiful woman, suddenly a voice of ghosts crying and wolves howling came. Hearing this voice, Zhou Ling knew that Fatty Zhao was coming. Sure enough, when he looked back, Fatty Zhao was trotting towards this side. Fatty! Looking at the fat man running, Zhou Ling could not help but secretly scold, it is really a good thing to disturb others, although Zhou Ling did not mean anything to this beauty, looking at the beauty’s dress and age should have been married. Zhou Ling also does not have what not to share the thought, but the beautiful woman,industrial racking systems, the politeness a few words always want, unfortunately, was disturbed by this fat man.

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